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The Remote Is Broken – And There Is Nowhere To Hide In The Trailer Debut For ‘The Drone’

I love horror comedies that play things straight and let the humor just kind of – happen. Director Jordan Rubin has that knack. Remember Zombeaver’s? Well – he’s back and this time instead of nature run amok we’ve got technology run amok in the shape of The Drone. Before we talk, have a look at […]

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“The Dark Tapes” (2017): Humanity is getting closer to the truth, … to us

“Humanity is getting closer to the truth, … to us. We won’t let that happen.” So says a distorted, inhuman voice during the opening credits to The Dark Tapes. According to Sturgeon’s Law, ninety percent of everything is crap. But in the category of found footage horror films, The Dark Tapes sits firmly within the […]