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[Review] Nocturne (Wreak Havoc Horror Film Fest): Doorbell Cam Gives First Glimpse at Potential Danger

Nocturne, the latest short film from writer/director Michael Trainotti, is a superb effort that takes the “Don’t open the door to strangers” motif to terrifying extremes.  Erin (Sabrina Howells, who has appeared in previous Trainotti short films Beneath the Surface [2017] and One Dark Night [2018]) has just had a rough night arguing on  a […]

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[Podcast] The Wailing — Sammie Cassell The Comic Book Man — Episode 002 — HNR EXTRA

Each year the Fantasia International Film Festival descends upon  Montreal, Quebec, Canada, providing genre fans with a copious amount of films, feature length and short films alike. This year Gruesome Magazine will be covering a number of the films being presented at the 2016 festival. Tonight, Paul Cardullo joins Doc Rotten to discuss one of […]