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[Podcast] 8 Films to Die For — Scream Queens — The Walking Dead — Episode 002 — Horror News Radio — Gruesome Spotlight

Doc Rotten is joined by Grue-Crew writers Joseph Perry and Joseph Fittos to discuss the latest updates, reviews and TV news from Gruesome Magazine in this special edition of Horror News Radio. The reviews of late have been concentrating on the 8 Films to Die For: Unnatural, Lumberjack Man, Murder in the Dark, Bastard, The […]

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“Wind Walkers” (2015): Wandering Tale of Terror in the Everglades Lacks Focus and Bite

If the rest of Wind Walkers kicked as much butt as the soundtrack, I could give this “8 Films to Die For” entry a strong recommendation. Unfortunately the power-chord rock and revisionist blues songs were more powerful and exciting to me than the movie’s characters, performances, or perplexing story. There are moments of promise, though. […]