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[Review] I Make Corpses (Blood in the Snow 2017): Serial Killer Thrives During Zombie Apocalypse

Filmmaker Kyle Martellacci tackled body horror and science fiction in his 2016 outing Candy Skin; now he’s back with another genre-hybrid short. I Make Corpses is a dark-hearted combination of a pre-slasher grindhouse movie and a zombie apocalypse tale, a sort of The Last Serial Killer on Earth by way of George S. Romero and […]

Gruesome Reviews Super Scary Shorts Saturday

“Candy Skin” (2016): Science Fiction Body Horror Short Delivers Gore and Suspense

  Boasting elements of both science fiction and flat-out horror, writer/director/editor Kyle Martellacci’s Canadian short film Candy Skin is a gripping exercise that assaults viewers’ eardrums almost as much as their eyeballs. For those wondering, I mean that as a solid compliment, as the short immerses us in the chaotic world of a man whose […]