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3 Disc – 4K Restoration Of ‘MANIAC’ Will Feature Some “Must See” New Special Features

In just a few short weeks, Blue Underground will be releasing a pretty amazing 3-disc 4K Blu-ray of the classic splatter flick MANIAC. Featuring some of Tom Savini’s best and most disturbing work – not to mention an incredible performance by Joe Spinell – the film is without a doubt, a classic of modern slasher […]

Maniac Cop 1+2 Screening
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Like a Maniac . . . Cop: Catch a Double Feature of “Maniac Cop” 1 & 2 with Director Bill Lustig

What could be cooler than watching a double-feature of Maniac Cop (1988) and Maniac Cop 2 (1990) on the big screen? How about viewing them with the director William Lustig in person! If you find yourself in or around Columbus, Ohio on May 20, 2017, head on over to the Gateway Film Center to catch a Maniac Cop double-feature […]