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[Review] Clown College (GenreBlast): Grief and Greasepaint Collide in a Mourning Woman’s Mind

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world for university student Quincy (Bailey Ingersoll), whose day starts off with a dissection lesson from an overenthusiastic professor (David A. McElroy) in her anatomy class, finds her lost in thought about her recently deceased father (Jim Dougherty), and concludes with a surreal trip to the dentist (Chad Newman) […]

Gruesome Reviews Super Scary Shorts Saturday

[Review] “Sarah’s Dream”: Voices and Visions Plague a Young Woman

Prolific filmmaker Wendy Keeling delivers another terrific horror short with Sarah’s Dream. This tale of a possibly sociopathic young woman haunted by perhaps more than just a guilty conscience is highlighted by solid performances and a macabre sense of humor. Sarah (Bailey Ingersoll) is having a tough go of it after her father has committed […]

Gruesome Reviews Super Scary Shorts Saturday

“Shades of Scarlet” (2017): Released Criminal and Brusque Nurse Match Wits and Wills in Dark Thriller Short

Director Wendy Keeling follows up last year’s horror comedy short The Unconventional Gourmet, reviewed here,  with a dramatic thriller about a convicted rapist who is freed from prison on a technicality, and the nurse he meets in a bar on his first day of freedom. While Shades of Scarlet has a few darkly humorous moments, […]

Gruesome Reviews Super Scary Shorts Saturday

“The Unconventional Gourmet” (2016): Well-Prepared Short Horror Film Serves Up Chuckles with Its Chills

  Some people yearn for the simpler times of days gone by. Judging from the photos on display in Rosina Leckermaul’s (Wendy Keeling, who also directs) home in the dark-comedy horror short film The Unconventional Gourmet, this lady who seems stuck in the past may have yearned for yesteryear for quite some time. Perhaps her […]