Compound Fracture

LEVEL 33 ENTERTAINMENT Presents A FAMILY DRAMA WRAPPED IN A GHOST STORY: COMPOUND FRACTURE AVAILABLE ON DEMAND 8/11/20 DIRECTED BY Anthony J. Rickert-Epstein WRITTEN BY Renae Geerlings, Tyler Mane PRODUCED BY Tyler Mane, Renae Geerlings, Anthony J. Rickert-EpsteinSTARRING Tyler Mane, Derek Mears, Alex Saxon, Muse Watson, Renae Geerlings, Leslie Easterbrook, Susan Angelo, Jelly Howie, Daniel […]

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Reviews of THE WRETCHED and PENANCE LANE on Gruesome Magazine 113

This week, the Grue-Crew review a pair of films who’s main characters discover that following your own lead may have dire consequences. The first film this week, PENANCE LANE from director Peter Engert, follows a hardened criminal who gets in gruesomely way over his head. The second film, THE WRETCHED from directors Brett Pierce and […]