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“Family Possessions” (2016): Inherited House Hides Terrifying Secrets

Part supernatural mystery thriller and part gory slasher movie, writer/director Tommy Faircloth’s Family Possessions is a fun ride that kept me entertained throughout. Fans of independent fright fare should also have a great time with this offering. The Dunn family is in dire financial straits; father Steve (Jason Vail) is between jobs and mother Sarah […]

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“Agatha” (2016): Terror Awaits a Young Orphan at the Top of the Staircase

  If classic horror stories featuring creaking stairs, shadowy rooms in old mansions, and the occasional thunderstorm to help set the mood are your style of fright film, I can’t recommend writer/director Timothy Vandenberg’s exercise in eeriness Agatha enough. This short films absolutely drips with atmosphere and the performance by young star Louise Ogle is […]