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[Podcast] The Fury (1978) — Episode 35 — Decades of Horror 1970s

“I killed her. I knew I would, the first time I said ‘Hello’.” – the tagline for The Fury  masks the madness that is master director Brian DePalma’s often overlooked film released following his massive hit Carrie. All the DePalma signature moves are on display and the blood runs gruesome red, just ask John Cassevettes. […]

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Cleanup In Aisle 9: The Top 10 Gruesome Headbusting Scenes in Cinema

It was not long after the birth of movies as an entertainment that savvy producers realized that nothing said “Don’t expect THIS character in the sequel” more than having said characters head neatly removed from their body. There is something gloriously final about a decapitation/brain splatter. Characters may survive ludicrous amounts of bullet hits and […]