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“Dead or Alive: Final” (2002): Lackluster Sequel Proves 3rd Time Is NOT the Charm

Sometimes, it can become painfully obvious when a filmmaker loses interest in a particular series. Dead or Alive: Final (2002), the third film in director Takashi Miike’s action series featuring Shô Aikawa and Riki Takeuchi, appears to suffer from lack of interest. Set 300 years from now in a run-down city in a post-apocalyptic world, […]

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“Dead of Alive” (1999): Depravity, Violence, & Social Commentary

Director Takashi Miike is known for his often bizarre and violent films, but, as with George A. Romero’s zombies, the more exploitive aspects of Miike’s movies are generally in service to a broader social commentary. In Dead or Alive (1999), Miike throws his audience headfirst into the Tokyo underworld, where a gangster is waging a […]

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“Yakuza Apocalypse” (2015): Expect the Unexpected

Takashi Miike is an oddity, even  within  the Japanese  film industry. Responsible for films like  Audition  and  Ichi The Killer, Miike is known for taking ideas firmly rooted in Japanese culture and twisting them in  the most brazenly bizarre  fashion. Unfortunately, I’m more of  a novice to Miike’s work, but judging from those I have […]

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[Trailer] “Yakuza Apocalypse” (2015)

The trailer for legendary genre film director Takashi Miike‘s latest effort Yakuza Apocalypse  promises absurdity, insanity, martial arts mayhem, yakuza vampires, and a big green cloth-suit frog.  Hayato Ichihara stars as Kagayama, a young yakuza member who is suddenly promoted  when his boss dies. The boss also passes on his legacy as a vampire to […]