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“Fish Eye” (SQFFT 2016): Clever Chinese Thriller Short Boasts Striking Technique and Admirable Performances

The Chinese short film Fish Eye (2015) is a suspenseful, elegant-looking thriller that provides a good deal of mystery and tension in its 13-minute running time (before ending credits). Director Tong Zhou creates an atmosphere of paranoia and dread that builds to a gripping climax. Shasha (Yuti Sun) is a young woman who has moved […]

Gruesome Reviews Super Scary Shorts Saturday

“Tampoon” (SQFFT 2016): Possessed Tampon Takes Control in Uncomfortably Fun Horror Comedy Short

Opening with close-up shots that make routines of regular female grooming seem much more squirm-inducing than usual, director Jeanne Jo’s horror-comedy short film Tampoon (U.S., 2015) goes on to provide more visuals likely to make viewers both groan and laugh uncomfortably, sometimes at the same moment. Jo has made a fun film that features a […]

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Scream Queen FilmFest Tokyo Spotlights Women Fright-Fare Filmmakers

Horror-heavy Scream Queen FilmFest Tokyo (SQFFT) is dedicated to showcasing and promoting feature-length and short-film genre works by women  filmmakers from around the world. The 2016 edition kicks off on October 22 at Uplink Factory and runs through October 28. SQFFT director Mai Nakanishi has selected an outstanding lineup of offerings for this year’s festival. […]

Gruesome Reviews Super Scary Shorts Saturday

“Grillz” (2015): Nocturnal Predator Seeks Love and Dental Work in the Big City

  You can speculate about what to expect from Australian director Lucy Gouldthorpe’s short film Grillz from its title and its tagline “Online dating sucks, literally.” If you guessed a horror comedy with a main character who is a certain type of creature of the night, you would be correct. The film offers some clever […]