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Pack The Car, We’re Going Squatchin – The Trailer Debuts For “MOMO – The Missouri Monster

Small Town Monsters is a production company that is near and dear to my heart – located right here in my backyard in good old Northeast Ohio, Seth Breedlove and his crew just keep pumping out these amazing cryptoid films, always bringing their A- game to every production and everyone film is better than the […]

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Small Town Monsters Search For The Truth About ‘The Bray Road Beast’

I’ve been following the career of documentary filmmaker Seth Breedlove since I caught wind of his first feature – Minerva Monster. That documentary about a bigfoot type creature that stalks the woods of my own backyard here in Northern Ohio started his company – Small Town Monsters – on a journey that has all led […]

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“The Mothman of Point Pleasant” (2017): Captivating Documentary Captures Odd Paranormal History of West Virginia Town

The independent filmmakers behind the Small Town Monsters documentary series have released the fourth offering in their catalog, an intriguing look at the 1966—1967 sightings of what is now one of America’s most famous cryptozoological legends. The Mothman of Point Pleasant takes a well-researched, wonderfully presented look at the incidents that surrounded Point Pleasant, West […]