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Five Decades After The Original – A Direct Sequel To NOTLD May Be On The Way

This has been quite the year for George Romero’s seminal zombie film – Night of the Living Dead – credited with igniting the genres passion for the stumbling, shambling, groaning undead. Unless you’ve been under a rock – there is no way you could have missed all the festivities that this year has brought – […]

Dead or Alive: Final
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“Dead or Alive: Final” (2002): Lackluster Sequel Proves 3rd Time Is NOT the Charm

Sometimes, it can become painfully obvious when a filmmaker loses interest in a particular series. Dead or Alive: Final (2002), the third film in director Takashi Miike’s action series featuring Shô Aikawa and Riki Takeuchi, appears to suffer from lack of interest. Set 300 years from now in a run-down city in a post-apocalyptic world, […]

Dead or Alive 2: Birds
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“Dead or Alive 2: Birds” (2000): A Return to Innocence — With a Touch of Violence

Mention the name of director Takashi Miike and bizarre visions of violence and depravity come to mind for many fans of his films. While Miike’s body of work certainly is filled with more than its share of unusual and disturbing imagery, it also has its softer moments. In Dead or Alive 2: Birds (Dead or […]

House II: The Second Story
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“House II: The Second Story” (1987): Good-natured Comedy Sequel Swaps Horror for Adventure

Not all film sequels share strong ties to their predecessors. Sometimes, the only connection is thematic, resulting in an anthology-like feeling for the series. Such is the case with House II: The Second Story (1987), the sequel to the horror-comedy House (1985). House II: The Second Story takes the audience to a completely different haunted […]

Don't Look in the Basement 2 - Featured Image
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“Don’t Look in the Basement 2” (2017): Long-in-coming Sequel That Isn’t Worth the Wait

Back in 1973, horror fans were entertained by a grisly low-budget film called Don’t Look in the Basement, the story of the inmates literally taking over the asylum and slaughtering the staff. The movie ended on a haunting note with the last survivor, a mentally challenge African American named Sam, calmly eating a Popsicle and […]