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Things Get Bloody Hilarious In The New Trailer For Season Two Of ‘Santa Clarita Diet’

I think we can all be in agreement that we are anxiously awaiting Season Two of last years surprise Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet.  Joe and Sheila are back for more undead fun.  Before we look in on that trailer – here’s the official synopsis from Netflix: “Picking up right where we left off, Season […]

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Netflix Bestows Us Our First Look At Season Two Of ‘The Santa Clarita Diet’

You all hungry for more of zombie Drew Barrymore?  Of course you are, what the hell is wrong with me.  I remmber kind of enjoying the first season of The Santa Clarita Diet but – it seems like it has been a hell of a wait.  Has it been?  When did season one air?  Who […]

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Latest Trailer For ‘Stranger Things 2’ Gives Us More Monster, More Eleven And More Reasons To Look Forward To October 27th

It’s not like Netflix needs to build any more anticipation for their Halloween gift to genre fans everywhere – the horror world is abuzz about the return of the “upsidedown” and all other things Stranger Things 2 but – that’s not stopping them from fanning the fire. A second trailer made its debut and well […]

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Big Things Await – Trailer For Stranger Things S2 Reveals A Monstrous Foe

We’re all coming away as winners from Super Bowl 51 as during the airing of the big game a short – yet amazing teaser aired for Season Two of the smash-hit Netflix series Stranger Things and instantly sent genre fans into a frenzy. Now – we don’t see much but what we get is the […]

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Preview ‘Z Nation’ Season Two With This Musical Tease

I know there is a whole battalion of horror fans out there who have just plain written off SYFY Channel’s Z Nation based solely on the fact of where it airs and who’s behind it and you know what?  You’re dead wrong.  Z Nation is fun, gruesome, original and inventive and if you’re not watching […]