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[Podcast] Terrified – Satan’s Slaves – Episode 40 – Gruesome Magazine

This week, the Grue-Crew sit down with SHUDDER for a pair of foreign film horror treats that provide scares to haunt your nightmares. Two new films are reviewed this week. The first is SATAN’S SLAVES from director Joko Anwar from Indonesia shares a story with ghosts, ghouls, and Satanists. The second film is TERRIFIED from director […]

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SHUDDER Ushers In The Halloween Season With A New Scary Movie Each Week

Shudder is the place to go for streaming horror content. They have it all from retro classics to fresh new entries and (perhaps best of all) the return of Joe Bob Briggs. We especially enjoy the thrilling new horror films they premiere — check out the Gruesome Magazine Podcast for reviews. This Halloween season beginning September […]