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[Podcast] The Clovehitch Killer – The Heretics – Episode 43 – Gruesome Magazine

This week, the Grue-Crew fall prey to a cult of demon worshipers and avoid the trappings of a serial killer with dastardly intentions. Two new films are reviewed this week. The first is THE HERETICS  from director  Chad Archibald follows a young woman who is running from her past only to be abducted once again […]

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Play Time Is Over! Momentum Pictures Brings the Horror to Boarding School

Jacob Is Having A Bad Day! Boarding School is heading our way this August, a new horror film from director Boaz Yakin featuring Will Patton and Samantha  Mathis. The film feels like a bizarre cross between a YA adaptation and Suspiria – complete with an “R” rating for  disturbing violent content, bloody images, some sexual […]