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Interview Ryuhei Kitamura, director of Nightmare Cinema

Longtime Horror News Radio listeners are sure to remember that HNR co-host and award-winning filmmaker Christopher G. Moore listed NIGHTMARE CINEMA on his top 10 horror films of 2018, having seen the film at the New York City Horror Film Festival in November. His admiration of the film made a strong impression the rest of the Grue-Crew […]

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[Podcast] Downrange — Tag — Angels vs Zombies — Gruesome Magazine

This week, the Grue-Crew witness 7 archangels battling  zombies, a class of Japanese schoolgirls  running from killer wind, and a mad sniper cornering a group of friends on a deserted highway. First up is the feature film  Angels vs Zombies  from director Emmanual Saez featuring the End of Days where a detective teams up with […]

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[Review] Downrange (Cinepocalypse, 2017): Gripping But Poorly Timed Thriller Undone By Unhinged Final Act – by Doc Rotten

Doc Rotten dives into another film from the fantastic  Cinepocalypse Film Festival held in Chicago from November 2nd through the 9th. Downrange (2017) proves to be a gripping thriller from director Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus, Godzilla: Final Wars, The Midnight Meat Train) featuring Kelly Connaire,  Stephanie Pearson, and  Rod Hernandez. The plot is extremely minimalistic with […]

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“Downrange” (2018): Ryuhei Kitamura Returns To Chill and Thrill Genre Fans

Ryuhei Kitamura is a fascinating and exciting director. For me, it all started with Versus (2000) which immediately impressed the hell out of me. Later years would bring two genre favorites Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) and The Midnight Meat Train (2008). Eleven Arts is set to bring his latest horror classic Downrange to hungry audiences […]