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Preacher S02E06: Sokosha

Preacher  decides to throw us for a loop this week with the start of  Sokosha. We start out with a couple of people we haven’t seen before. More specifically, a broke couple (Samantha Beaulieu  and  Damien Moses) being treated by a mysterious man only known as The Technician (James Kyson), who promises them money during […]

Gruesome TV Reviews

Preacher SO2E5: Dallas

After a cliffhanger like last week,  Preacher  opens in media res as Jesse (Dominic Cooper) and Viktor (Paul Ben-Victor) are tussling in front of Tulip (Ruth Negga). Jesse is coming to terms with finding out the other two are married. Tulip keeps emphasizing that they are getting divorced, but Viktor can’t help but be direct. […]

Gruesome TV Reviews

Preacher S02E04: Viktor

This episode,  Preacher  confirms the saying we’re all familiar with; Hell is other people. For Eugene a.k.a Arseface (Ian Colletti), one of those other people in Hell is unfortunately Adolf Hitler (Noah Taylor) himself. After the cell block in Hell unexpectedly open, Eugene defends an old woman prisoner being bullied by a younger man. Hitler […]

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“Warcraft” (2016): Big Budget CG Cannot Save The Film From Bad Dialog and Wooden Acting

Warcraft is a curious, if disparaging, statement on modern studio filmmaking, prophesying that the future of summer, big budget, event films is in dire jeopardy. The film contains well crafted CG effects and fully realized worlds of imagination and splendor. The creativity that is found in the designs and execution of the orcs, creatures and […]