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[Podcast] 19th Annual Nevermore Film Festival – Episode 11 – Gruesome Magazine

Recently the Grue-Crew attended the 19th Annual Nevermore Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina on the weekend of February 23 through the 25, 2018. Thomas Mariani, Paul Cardullo, and Doc Rotten joined a small herd of the Grue-Crew for a special 40th Anniversary screening of The Manitou. Along the way, the Grue-Crew caught a weekend of […]

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[Review] Ruin Me (Screamfest, 2017) A Bone Rattling Treat for Horror Fans – by Doc Rotten

Playing at the Screamfest Film Festival this past October and the Atlanta Horror Film Festival, Ruin Me (2017) took home the “Best Feature Film” award at the latter event. Doc Rotten takes a seat to take a look at what all the buzz is about and confirms that Atlanta got this one right. Ruin Me […]