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[Review] Get Gone (AHITHFF): A Fresh Spin On the Urban Legend Horror Subgenre

A group of internet hoax busters goes on a team-building retreat to Whiskey Flats, Oregon, and winds up finding out the hard way that not all urban legends — or in this case, a very rural one — are ruses in the new horror outing Get Gone. Writer/director Michael Thomas Daniel’s first narrative feature is […]

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“Parasites” (2017): The Streets of L.A. are Paved with Good Intentions and Metaphors

Going by the title alone, one might think writer/director Chad Ferrin’s Parasites was going to be a movie about a contagion or something involving actual parasites that possibly eat their hosts from within. Y’know, something suspenseful and gory. Instead, what we’ve got here are metaphorical parasites, not a lot of suspense and some gore. Parasites […]