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You Will Control Death When You Watch The Trailer For ‘Cry Havoc’

Man – this dude really does look like Charles Bronson – like, a lot like Charles Bronson. Hopefully, this flick has more going for it than that though. Today we have our first look at Cry Havoc – the latest vehicle for the aforementioned Bronson look-alike – Robert Kovacs. Coming to us from director Rene […]

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Vigilante Justice Makes A Return In The Trailer For ‘Death Kiss’

It’s only been what – 2 weeks since Eli Roth’s remake of ‘Death Wish’ hit theaters? While Bruce Willis starred this time around – the classic original starred the one and only Charles Bronson.   ‘Death Wish’ invented its own sub-genre when it came out and it propelled Bronson to superstar status.   Roth’s redo […]