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Reviews of Color Out of Space and The Wave on Gruesome Magazine 100

This week, the Grue-Crew celebrate their 100th episode with two very trippy, psychedelic genre-blended horror films. The first film this week, THE WAVE from director Gille Klabin, follows insurance lawyer Justin Long as a poor decision with hallucinogenics turns horrifyingly surreal. The second film, COLOR OUT OF SPACE from director Richard Stanley, follows Nicolas Cage […]

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Nic Cage Stars In The Adaptation Of ‘Color Out Of Space’ – And We’ve Got A Trailer To Prove It.

This one has “must-see” written all over it. Nic Cage starring in an adaptation of the classic H.P. Lovecraft tale Color Out Of Space – and it’s all directed by Richard Stanley. RLJE is handling the release of this one and today they gave us all a trailer – you’ve got to check this out. […]