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Reviews of I Am Mother – Clinton Road on Gruesome Magazine 72

This week, the Grue-Crew split their attention from the ghostly past and the apocalyptic future. The first film this week is CLINTON ROAD from directors Richard Grieco and Steve Stanulis follows a group of friends searching for answers to what happened to another friend on Clinton Road. The second film is I AM MOTHER from […]

Gruesome Magazine Podcast Gruesome Podcasts

[Podcast] Minutes to Midnight – The Lighthouse – Inferno: Skyscraper Escape – Episode 27 – Gruesome Magazine

This week, the Grue-Crew escape a fiery inferno, shack up in a lighthouse and smack down a trio of serial killers. First up is the disaster feature Inferno: Skyscraper Escape  from director Eric Summer featuring Claire Forlani and Jamie Bamber as a couple who must save their children from a burning skyscraper. The second film, […]

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[Review] Halloween Pussy Trap Kill Kill (2017) – by Paul Cardullo

Things get rough for our brave reviewer, Paul Cardullo, as he settles in to watch…and review…the grindhouse horror wannabe, Halloween Pussy Trap Kill Kill (2017). He is so distraught after seeing this mess of a film he even hangs the good Doc out to dry for handing him the film to review in the first […]