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[Podcast] Seconds (1966) – Episode 33 – Decades of Horror: The Classic Era

“The question of death selection may be the most important decision in your life.”  What?! You get to select your own death? That’s usually not the case but in the world of John Frankenheimer’s Seconds (1966), that’s exactly what the character played by John Randolph and Rock Hudson has to do. Yes, you read that […]

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[Review] Forbidden Planet (RetroFantasma, 1956) – by Paul Cardullo

Paul Cardullo returns with another Groovy Gory Gruesome Gold retro review for the film Forbidden Planet (1956) which he and I saw at RetroFantasma at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, North Carolina. It played on a double bill with The Green Slime. Paul shares his thoughts about seeing the film on the big screen, how […]