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Holy Crap – We’ve Got Some Pics Of Micheal Myers And They’re Pretty Awesome

The big news from the Halloween remake camp up to this point had been the fact that we woud finally be getting our much anticipated first look at a full trailer come Friday – and we figured that would have to suffice for the next few days so imagine our surprise when USA Today hit […]

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The Twisted Twins Find Their Victim For Their Remake Of ‘Rabid’

Fan favorite directors Jen and Sylvia Soska aka The Twisted Twins have been hard at work bringing their vision of the David Cronenberg classic Rabid to life and they took a giant step in a great direction with the announcement of the casting of Laura Vandervoot in the lead role of Rose – famously portrayed […]

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John Lithgow Joins The Cast Of The ‘Pet Sematary’ Remake

A few months back – when we first caught wind that a remake of Pet Sematary was on the radar, we discussed it at some length on that week’s episode of Horror News Radio. I mentioned in that conversation that for me the success of this remake would rest squarely on the decision they made […]

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James Wan + Roy Lee = ‘The Tommyknockers’ Remake?

There was a time when you could count on each year being punctuated with a made for TV adaptation of a Stephen King novel – some were legendary, Salem’s Lot, The Stand, and other’s well – perhaps legendary for reasons other than they intended – can anyone say The Langoliers?  Unfortunately and perhaps unfairly the […]

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‘The Stand’ And ‘Salem’s Lot’ May Be The Next Two King Properties On The Remake Block

With the record-breaking success of IT over the course of the last few weeks – this news should really come as no surprise at all and since it comes directly from Stephen King himself – I don’t think we have worry about the legitimacy of the report.  Here’s the quote from Mr. King. “There’s talk […]