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[Review] Kiss the Devil in the Dark: Betrayal and Demons Rule in Dark Fantasy Tale

Bohemian Industries’ short film Kiss the Devil in the Dark is an eye-popping visual feast that blends a dark Faustian fantasy with shades of classic Hammer Film Productions and Eurohorror vibes. Fans of practical creature effects will find plenty to enjoy here, as well, with the legendary Doug Jones on hand in dual roles. The […]

Gruesome Reviews Super Scary Shorts Saturday

“Creatures of Whitechapel” (2016): Frankenstein and Jack the Ripper Cross Paths in Twisted Gothic Horror Short

From its opening shots of stunning 3D matte paintings depicting a rooftop shot of 1888 London (created by Johnny Bones) to its end-credits stinger, director Jonathan Martin’s short film Creatures of Whitechapel is a breathtaking marvel. This U.K./U.S. coproduction combines legendary Victorian era characters, steampunk-style practical effects, and a loving nod to Hammer Film Productions’ […]