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[Podcast] Cam – The House of Violent Desire – Episode 45 – Gruesome Magazine

This week, it’s all about sexual horror…maybe. The grue-crew travel to a remote castle for a spooky, sexy mystery and navigate to check out a horrific cam feed. The first is THE HOUSE OF VIOLENT DESIRE from director Charlie Steeds mixes Old Dark House with some modern sexual tension and horror. The second film is CAM from […]

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Take Off Your Blindfold Just Long Enough To Check Out The Trailer And Poster For Netflix’s ‘Bird Box’

Sporting a majorly kick-ass cast – and a plot that seems to borrow a bit from one of this past summers horror hits – Netflix brings us Bird Box.  Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, Sarah Paulson, and John Malkovich all-star- and that’s some pretty heavyweight talent – I think you will have to agree – and […]

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Netflix Teases Yet Another Must See Horror Offering – Check Out The Trailer For ‘Malevolent’

No big secret for those of us whom horror flows through our veins – Netflix has been – and continues to be one of the prime destinations for kick ass original horror programming and now that the haunt season is upon us – all gloves are off.  With that in mind – Netflix has dropped […]

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Netflix Debuts A Trailer For Their Next Horror Project – ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’

Amblin TV and Paramount Television have teamed up to bring a new horror series to Netflix – The Haunting Of Hill House –  and if this trailer I’m about to show you is any indication – we’ve got ourselves another winner. Dropping on the streaming service on Friday Oct. 12th – here’s the official synopsis […]

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Netflix Spins Off ‘Z Nation’ And Brings Us A ‘Black Summer’

I realize that I am likely in the minority but – I love SYFY Channel’s Z Nation.  Have liked it since season one but did not see this coming in any way, shape of form.  Netflix has ordered a spin off series titled Black Summer. Jamie King will star – who if you don’t recognize […]

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See A Lot Of The Backs Of People Heads In The New Teaser For Season Three Of ‘Stranger Things’

Netflix has started the PR machine early for Season Three of Stranger Things.  They want you excited – so, are you excited?  Some new cast members, returning favorites but at the end of the day – it all comes down to story.  This little clip gives us no idea of what we are in store […]

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[Podcast] Veronica – Episode 259 – Horror News Radio

Netflix continues the horror love as it unleashes Veronica! This Spanish language horror film from [rec] director Paco Plaza is sparking the world a flame. Is it too scary to keep your browser up? Well, Doc Rotten, Thomas Mariani, Dave Dreher, Vanessa Thompson and special guest from Decades of Horror: The Classic Era Jeff Mohr are here to argue this. […]

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[Podcast] Strangers: Prey At Night – Episode 258 – Horror News Radio

Strangers: Prey At Night is the sequel no one was anticipating nor wanted. 10 years after the original and with none of the original cast or crew involved? It sounds like something destined to fail. Yet… The Grue Crew may have liked it more than you’d think. Strangers: Prey At Night isn’t the only film on the docket, […]

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Things Get Bloody Hilarious In The New Trailer For Season Two Of ‘Santa Clarita Diet’

I think we can all be in agreement that we are anxiously awaiting Season Two of last years surprise Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet.  Joe and Sheila are back for more undead fun.  Before we look in on that trailer – here’s the official synopsis from Netflix: “Picking up right where we left off, Season […]