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Demonic (2021, IFC Midnight) Neill Blomkamp’s Creepy New Creature Feature

Tonight, we review DEMONIC (2021, IFC Midnight). Doc Rotten from Horror News Radio. Jeff Mohr from Decades of Horror: The Classic Era. And Crystal Cleveland, the Livin6Dead6irl from Decades of Horror: 1980s share their thoughts about this week’s awesome collection of streaming horror films. Joining the crew is Horror News Radio co-host, Dave Dreher! DEMONIC […]

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[Trailer] DEMONIC (2021) New Full Trailer Promises Innovative New Scares

DEMONIC, the upcoming sci-fi/horror film from Neill (District 9) Blomkamp, not only wants to scare the pants off us but spotlight a new cinematic technology in doing so. “The film uses a patent-pending new method of using volumetric capture (a three-dimensional video technology that turns actors into geometric objects.). The amount of volumetric capture in DEMONIC is the […]

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Director Neill Blomkamp Teams Up With IFC Midnight For His First Horror Feature DEMONIC

Known for his work in the Sci-Fi realm – particularly his debut feature District 9 – director Neill Blomkamp has apparently decided to let things take a darker turn for his next project. IFC Midnight just announced they have acquired the rights to Blomkamp’s DEMONIC – read the official announcement below. From the press release: […]