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[Podcast] Day of the Dead: Bloodline – Before I Wake – Episode 250 – Horror News Radio

No, you didn’t read that number wrong. Horror News Radio is celebrating 250 episodes of scream-inducing, spine-tingling and point off trailing discussions! To celebrate, The Grue Crew are joined by Vanessa Thompson of the Gruesome Magazine Podcast for a couple of movies that show the diversity of the show. There’s Day of the Dead: Bloodline, a remake of the […]

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[Podcast] The Cult of Chucky (2017) – Gerald’s Game (Netflix, 2017) – Episode 236 – Horror News Radio

Special guest Sammie Cassell joins the Grue-Crew this week to review a pair of horror film playing on Netflix this October. The first of the two is the latest film in the Child’s Play series, The Cult of Chucky (2017). The second film is from director Mike Flanagan and legendary author Stephen King, Gerald’s Game (2017). […]

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Director Mike Flanagan Bringing A Horror Classic To Netflix

Shirley Jackson’s classic horror tale The Haunting Of Hill House has been adapted twice – once in 1963 by Robert Wise and again in 1999 by Jan Debont but until now – it has never been adapted for TV.  Technically – it’s being adapted for Netflix but in a series format with a 10 episode […]

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The Black Saint’s Top Ten Horror Films Of 2016

As 2016 draws to its inevitable close, it’s time for me to look back on the (literally) hundreds of movies I’ve seen this year and decide which ten were my absolute favorites. A heady task, I know – but someone who calls himself “The Black Saint” has gotta do it. And since I’m the only […]

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[Podcast] Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016) – Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016) – The Walking Dead Season 7 – Episode 186 – Horror News Radio

For Halloween 2016, horror fans are treated to Ouija: Origin of Evil. That’s right, the sequel no one wanted. No one. But, to everyone’s surprise, including The Black Saint perhaps most of, the film from director Mike Flanagan is actually pretty damn sweet. It is full of atmosphere, it has characters worth following and the […]

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“Before I Wake” (2016): Psychological Drama Explores Loss and Grief as Nightmares Come to Life

Viewers seeking outright horror in cowriter/director Mike Flanagan’s third feature film Before I Wake will be disappointed but those who go in realizing that the filmmaker was aiming for something quite different than crowd-pleasing scare fare should find much to appreciate. Shot between Oculus (2013) and Hush (2016), Before I Wake (originally titled Somnia, which […]

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[Podcast] Hush – Holidays – Episode 159 – Horror News Radio

The Grue-crew dive into a pair of horror films on VOD and streaming on Netflix. First up is the Blumhouse feature HUSH from director Mike Flanagan. The film features Kate Siegel and John Gallagher Jr. starring opposite each other as victim and predator in a tense, home-invasion thriller. Next is an anthology film centered around […]

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“Hush” (2016): A Character Driven Thriller That Packs a Punch

This is a Thug review of the Mike Flanagan directed feature Hush, currently available on Netflix. As you all know, the Thug likes to spoil his readers so consider yourself warned. The last few films I have reviewed for Gruesome Magazine have been painful to watch and hopefully you all appreciate the Thug for taking […]