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“The Caretaker” (2016): An Unsettling Slow-Burn That Fits Its Pieces Together Perfectly

Like-minded friends and I have frequently discussed the subject of why we like horror movies.  My usual response is that I love being scared … at least, the safe kind of scared. You know, the kind of scared removed from everyday life. The kind of scared where it’s all over, for the most part, after […]

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Things Get A Bit Real In This Latest Clip From Scare Campaign

If you’ve been paying attention (and I know you have been) then you are already well aware of the upcoming digital release of Scare Campaign.  It’s the Aussie screamfest from the group behind 100 Bloody Acres – we’ve teamed up with the gang to hand out a free digital download of the film which – […]

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[CONTEST] Studio 71 Invites You To Take Home a Digital Download of “Scare Campaign” (2016) From the Makers of “100 Bloody Acres”

Studio 71 is teaming up with Horror News Radio and Gruesome Magazine to provide a digital download giveaway of SCARE CAMPAIGN (2016) from the makers of 100 Bloody Acres. The film is written and directed by brothers Colin and Cameron Cairnes, the team behind 2013’s critically acclaimed 100 Bloody Acres. Studio71 will be releasing Scare Campaign on […]