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3 Disc – 4K Restoration Of ‘MANIAC’ Will Feature Some “Must See” New Special Features

In just a few short weeks, Blue Underground will be releasing a pretty amazing 3-disc 4K Blu-ray of the classic splatter flick MANIAC. Featuring some of Tom Savini’s best and most disturbing work – not to mention an incredible performance by Joe Spinell – the film is without a doubt, a classic of modern slasher […]

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[Film Festival] October in Columbus Gets Real – Nightmares Film Festival Locks In Their 4-Day Program

One of the Grue-Crew’s favorite film festivals is the NIGHTMARES FILM FESTIVAL held in Columbus, Ohio. HNR Co-host Christopher G. Moore, who attended the festival when his film Knob Goblins screened, is planning to return to promote his latest short GUT PUNCHED. The films screens in the Recurring Nightmares B short horror film block.  Jason […]

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[Film Festival] Director Bill Lustig to Kick Off the Nightmares Film Festival with a Never-Before-Seen Maniac 4K Restoration

Back in the day, we had Tom Savini on Horror News Radio talking about the special effects he created for Bill Lustig’s Maniac. The Grue-crew have a special place in their crimson hearts for this gory 1980s classic. To hear that the Nightmares Film Festival is going to screen the 4K restoration os Maniac this […]