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“Ash vs the Evil Dead” S01E01: El Jefe

The Starz horror TV series Ash vs the Evil Dead grabs its audience’s attention quickly within the opening minutes as Bruce Campbell shakes and grooves to Deep Purple’s Space Truckin’. “One more for Bubba,” Ash slyly references another film early in the opening of the pilot episode “El Jefe” to let the audience know what they are […]

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[Featurette] “Ash vs the Evil Dead” (2015): The Reluctant Hero and His Crew

For most Grue-Believers, THE most anticipated horror TV show for this fall (2015) is Ash vs the Evil Dead, premiering Halloween night on Starz. Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) returns to battle the Deadites whom he has mistakenly summoned once again. The featurette from Starz explores the cast joining the iconic Campbell on his new journey: […]