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Scottish Horror With the Return of the Owlman in the Trailer for “The Black Gloves”

A few years ago, writer Sarah Daly and director Lawrie Brewster introduced the world to a new boogieman, the Owlman, with their creepy  Lord of Tears (2013). They return to the  Scottish Highlands and the world of the Owlman with their latest film,  The Black Gloves. This time, instead of the contemporary setting of  Lord […]

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Hex Media Seeks New Voices in Horror for Its “For We Are Many” Anthology Film

Fright-fare filmmakers and fans alike will be pleased to hear of Hex Media’s For We Are Many horror anthology. The project will feature a large selection of horror shorts, each based on a particular demonic entity or occult theme, with an emphasis on intense horror, imaginative practical effects, and original stories. Although several names are […]