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The Leprechaun Returns In The Trailer For ‘Leprechaun Returns’

Lionsgate is ready to bring back that feisty little green dwarf  – and unleash his fury on yet another group of unsuspecting victims. A new trailer for Leprechaun Returns just made its debut and you know what?  It’s actually pretty freaking good! Check it out. The flick will be making its digtial and VOD debut […]

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Lionsgate Wants You To Fear What Lurks ‘Down A Dark Hall’

Don’t let the fact that the trailer starts by informing you that this one is coming to us from the folks behind The Twilight Saga – this one looks like it might be a bit of fun.  Starring AnnaSophia Robb, Isabelle Fuhrman, Taylor Russell and Uma Thurman – Down A Dark Hall tries to spook […]

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Oil The Chain – A Green Band Trailer For ‘Leatherface’ Is Ready To Roar

Our infatuation with the skin wearing madman continues and Lionsgate is geared up and ready to hand over to the fans the origin of one of modern horrors most prominent icons.  The title of the film says it all – Leatherface. Generally speaking – green band trailers – the ones approved for all audiences  – […]