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“Life” (2017): Gravity and Alien Mix Into Fun B-Movie Madness

Everything about Life (2017) – the synopsis, the trailer, the poster, and the promotions – make the film out to be a second cousin to the Alien franchise. The film sets up a cast of six astronauts on the International Space Station investigating rock samples from Mars and discovering the first proof of alien life […]

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[Podcast] The Similars (2016) — The Unspoken (2016) — Episode 187 — Horror News Radio

The grue-crew encounter a number of trippy, zonked out horror films each year, but The Similars from director Isaac Ezban may be the most original, Twilight Zone infused masterpiece of the bunch for 2016. The film takes an interesting, deceptively simple premise and presents it in a uniquely fascinating and artistic fashion that manages to […]