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[Review] She Must Vanish (GenreBlast): A Witch Finds Herself in Terrifying Circumstances

Canadian director Kyle Martellacci is a prolific director of terrific horror shorts that tackle myriad subgenres and nail each one. He turns in what I feel is some of his finest work in his latest effort from Red Razor Pictures, supernatural shocker She Must Vanish. Martellaci wrote, directed, edited, shot, and produced She Must Vanish, […]

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[Review] “The Scarlet Vultures”: How Far Will a Person Go to Feel Special?

Prolific Canadian horror filmmaker Kyle Martellacci (Canada Day;  Candy Skin; I Make Corpses) delivers another stunning shocker with his latest effort, The Scarlet Vultures. An initially enigmatic piece that slowly reveals its dark secrets, the short has been garnering many award nominations during its current early film festival run. Evelyn (Anne-Carolyne Binette) is being interviewed […]

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[Review] Monster Pool – Seven Deadly Sins (2017): A Creative Mix of Horror and Twilight-Zone Inspired Twists – by Jeff Mohr

The anthology film Monster Pool: Seven Deadly Sins (2017) explores each of the deadly sins with a series of unique twists and turns. A trio of directors unites  to deliver the horror feature,  Kyle Martellacci, Randy Smith, and Vincent Valentino. The cast includes Jennifer Allanson, Matt Armstrong, and Troy Arsenian. Gluttony  wins the grossest award […]

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[Review] I Make Corpses (Blood in the Snow 2017): Serial Killer Thrives During Zombie Apocalypse

Filmmaker Kyle Martellacci tackled body horror and science fiction in his 2016 outing Candy Skin; now he’s back with another genre-hybrid short. I Make Corpses is a dark-hearted combination of a pre-slasher grindhouse movie and a zombie apocalypse tale, a sort of The Last Serial Killer on Earth by way of George S. Romero and […]

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“Candy Skin” (2016): Science Fiction Body Horror Short Delivers Gore and Suspense

  Boasting elements of both science fiction and flat-out horror, writer/director/editor Kyle Martellacci’s Canadian short film Candy Skin is a gripping exercise that assaults viewers’ eardrums almost as much as their eyeballs. For those wondering, I mean that as a solid compliment, as the short immerses us in the chaotic world of a man whose […]