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[Review] Daguerrotype (2017): Creepy Cinematography and Good Intentions Cannot Save This Dull Feature – by Rafe Telsch

Coming from the director of Pulse (2001) and Creepy (2016), the drama horror thriller Daguerrotype  (2017) attempts to scare up some chills and goosebumps. Originally titled “Le Secret de la Chambre Noire”, Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s film is heavier on the drama than the horror and may be found as a bit of sluggish chore for many […]

Pulse (Kairo) - Ghosts on the Internet
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“Pulse” (“Kairo”) (2001): A Creepy Modern Classic of Terror, Isolation, & Dread

The impersonality of modern society can lead some people to feel absolutely alone even when they are in the midst of a crowd. Writer/director Kiyoshi Kurosawa infuses this idea into his super creepy and disturbing modern horror tale Pulse (Kairo) (2001). Visitors to a mysterious website find themselves haunted by shadowy figures and subsequently lose […]

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[Podcast] Creepy (BiFan 2016) — Fear the Walking Dead — Episode 006 — HNR EXTRA

This week Joseph Perry chimes in from across the globe, South Korea to be exact. Mr. Perry is excited to share his thoughts with the HNR Extra listeners on a number of films he caught at the recent Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. This week dives into another brilliant Asian modern horror classic with the […]

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“Creepy” (BIFAN 2016):  Japanese Thriller Lives Up to Its Title Thanks to a Disturbing Villain

Teruyuki Kagawa gives a masterful, absolutely chilling performance as an unnerving yet hypnotic villain in director Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s remarkable psychological thriller Creepy (Japan, 2015). The famed director of Japanese  horror classics Cure (1997) and Pulse (2001) delivers one of the most well-crafted and unnerving cinematic experiences of the year in his latest outing. Koichi Takakura […]