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Paramount Rolls Out A New Trailer And Key Art For ‘A Quiet Place’

John Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place’ has garnered a lot of attention since Paramount first started rolling out teasers and trailers – last week we got a new look at things during the Superbowl and tonight – we get yet another trailer and some new key art. Enough talking – let’s get to the goods! The […]

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Teaser And Poster Prepare Us For ‘Channel Zero: Butcher Block

SYFY Channel has had decent success with it’s horror themed Channel Zero series.  Season one made a lot of noise – season two kind of got past me but, it must have done OK cause early 2018 will bring us season three and this go around the season has been titled Butcher Block.  So, what’s […]

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Some New Key Art And Stills Prep You For ‘Day Of The Dead: Bloodline’

Day Of The Dead: Bloodline is being touted as “a bold reimagining of the George Romero classic” and if they managed to deliver on thier promise is yet to be seen but – thanks to Bloody Disgusting we do now have a look at some of the zombie fun via some stills.  Also got a […]

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New Anthology Film 10/31 Gets a Poster For The Ages – And A Teaser Trailer Too!

You love great poster art?  I love great poster art – I also love horror anthology films so you can imagine – when a horror anthology film comes along and the poster kicks major ass – I’m all over that! The film is titled 10/31 and it comes to us from producer P.J. Starks – […]

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Two New Teases And Poster Art Announces ‘Channel Zero – No End House’

One of the biggest surprises of last fall was SYFY Channels Channel Zero – Candle Cove and the horror world was more than pleased when the channel announced there would be a second season of the popular anthology series with season two earning the subtitle, No End House. The second season debuts on Sept. 20th […]