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JUNGLE CRUISE (2021, Disney) Delightfully Entertaining with the Perfect Cast

Welcome to HEROES & DROIDS, your guide to pop culture movies and TV! This week we review… JUNGLE CRUISE (2021, DISNEY) On HEROES & DROIDS, we discuss pop culture about Superheroes, Sci-Fi, Disney, and Action. From Marvel to DC, from Star Wars to Star Trek, From James Bond to the Fast and the Furious, we […]

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[Trailer] JUNGLE CRUISE (2021, Disney) The Adventure of a Lifetime

Okay, lads and ladies, the HEROES AND DROIDS podcast crew are excited for the upcoming JUNGLE CRUISE film featuring Emily Blunt and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. Part Disney ride adaptation, part Indiana Jones adventure, the trailer promises high adventure on the big screen. We’re so, so, so very down for this July 30. Check out […]