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Jessica Lange Will Make The Crossover Season Worthwhile As She Returns For ‘Apocalypse’

No offense meant to the myriad of incredible talent that makes up the cast of American Horror Story but I don’t think it’s any big secret nor is it incorrect to state that the show has suffered since Jessica Lange departed after the Freakshow season. Well AHS fans – it is now safe to rejoice […]

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[Podcast] King Kong (1976) — Episode 47 — Decades of Horror 1970s

“There’s a girl out there who might be running for her life from some gigantic turned-on ape.” – the line for King Kong  (1976) illustrates the odd tone to the  high-profile, big-budget creature feature remake. Dino De Laurentiis’ monstrous epic provides fans with a U.S. man-in-suit Kaiju turn at the furry beast with a  young […]