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[Podcast] The Cured — The Terrible Two — Flay — Black Wake — Episode 10 — Gruesome Magazine

This week the Grue-Crew explore the horrors of curing the living dead with The  Cured, fear the haunting house of horror with  The Terrible  Two, and witness the Lovecraftian spell of  Black  Wake. First up is the feature  The Terrible Two  from director Billy Lewis where a  new  mother  suffers the paralyzing fear of her […]

Gruesome Reviews Super Scary Shorts Saturday

“Contact’’ (2009): A Surreal Hallucinogenic Experience That Leaves Us With Lots to Ponder

Contact is a short film from New York based filmmaker Jeremiah Kipp, and it’s a mind-altering experience if there ever was one.   Opening with a middle aged couple (played by Katherine O’Sullivan and Tom Reid) waiting for a guest to arrive, we are immediately transported to a seedy underbelly in a derelict estate where […]

Gruesome Reviews

“Painkiller” (2014): Pleasure and Pain Become Equally Strong Addictions As Experiment Goes Awry

Toying with nature rarely works out successfully for even the most well-meaning of scientists in horror and science fiction films, and this axiom holds true in Action Media Productions’ engrossing short film Painkiller. As the film opens, a young scientist (Thomas Mendolia) tells a mysterious visitor (Jerry Janda, who also wrote the screenplay) about how […]