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Kill Giggles Wraps, Cast Includes Vernon Wells, Felissa Rose, Judith O’Dea, and Ellie Church

Shooting Wraps on “Kill Giggles” Greensboro, NC filmmakers, supported by stars and creatives from all over the world, came together for 20 days to shoot a new clown film in the Greensboro area. KILL GIGGLES stars talented North Carolina local Michael Ray Williams (Watch If You Dare (2018)) as unhinged killer Tommy dos Santos alongside […]

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Judith O’Dea, Vernon Wells, and Felissa Rose Join the Cast of Kill Giggles

KILLER CLOWN FILM “KILL GIGGLES” ON INDIEGOGO! Everyone has their own phobias. For some it’s spiders, or heights, or being buried alive. For director Jaysen Buterin, it’s CLOWNS! So, why on Earth is he tackling a film about clowns in his upcoming film KILL GIGGLES, you ask. Well, check out his crowdfunding campaign to learn […]

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Born Again (2016): Festival Favorite Horror-Comedy Lands a Halloween Eve Premiere on Short of the Week

Featuring Ellie Church and Randall Greenland, the horror-comedy short Born Again has been delighting horror fans at film festivals for some time now, and for good reason. The Grue-Crew have caught the film a number of the film festivals and it always proves to be a highlight of the event. Now, you too can see […]

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“Don’t Let the Light In” (2015): Babysitter Finds the Truth Behind Young Boy’s Monstrous Claims

As babysitter Sarah (Rebecca Larken) chats over dinner with her young charge Jack (Will Garrett Davis), viewers of the short film Don’t Let the Light In get a sense from the get-go that things aren’t right with this gig: She was hired by text messaging and supposedly his parents left just before she arrived. When […]

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“Knob Goblins” (2015): Crotch-Seeking Creature Inhabits This Horror Short with Bite

“It’s wince-inducing, crotch-covering, creature-feature fun!” There, Grue Believers, you have my blatant attempt at a Blu-ray cover blurb for Christopher G. Moore’s latest horror comedy short, Knob Goblins. That sentence also sums up my true feelings about the short; take it as a strong recommendation for those who love to chuckle uncomfortably with their fright […]

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“Between Hell and a Hard Place” (2014): Dumping Ground for Hitmen Holds Dangers from Beyond

The black-and-white short film Between Hell and a Hard Place is a nifty horror throwback reminiscent of the original Twilight Zone television series and the EC horror comics. Writer/director Jason P. Buterin has crafted an intriguing tale of two criminals and an area said to be haunted by the spirits of those who were killed […]