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“Pulse” (“Kairo”) (2001): A Creepy Modern Classic of Terror, Isolation, & Dread

The impersonality of modern society can lead some people to feel absolutely alone even when they are in the midst of a crowd. Writer/director Kiyoshi Kurosawa infuses this idea into his super creepy and disturbing modern horror tale Pulse (Kairo) (2001). Visitors to a mysterious website find themselves haunted by shadowy figures and subsequently lose […]

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“Yakuza Apocalypse” (2015): Expect the Unexpected

Takashi Miike is an oddity, even  within  the Japanese  film industry. Responsible for films like  Audition  and  Ichi The Killer, Miike is known for taking ideas firmly rooted in Japanese culture and twisting them in  the most brazenly bizarre  fashion. Unfortunately, I’m more of  a novice to Miike’s work, but judging from those I have […]