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[Podcast] Summer of 84 – What Still Remains – Face of Evil – Episode 32 – Gruesome Magazine

This week, the Grue-Crew follow an army veteran into an apocalyptic nightmare, struggle along with a sole survivor in the harrowing wilderness, and ride along with a group of teenage super-sleuths looking to reveal a killer in their neighborhood. First up is the rogue zombie-ish film Face of Evil from director Vito Dinatolo, featuring Scott Baxter as an […]

Gruesome Magazine Podcast Gruesome Podcasts

[Podcast] Lowlife – Killing Joan – 420 Massacre – Gruesome Magazine

This week the Grue-Crew hide from the vengeful spirit of an angry assassin, run with “mary jane” on April 20th, and champion the gory adventures of our new favorite luchador. First up is the feature Killing Joan from director Todd Bartoo, where a murdered assassin returns from the grave to get her vengeance. The next film, 4/20 Massacre from director Dylan Reynolds, calls […]

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“All Girls Weekend” (2016): Don’t go into the woods…again

Hello, Grue-Believers! Your old pal Chad here and we’re going to take a look at All Girls Weekend, the latest supernatural horror movie from writer/producer/director Lou Simon.  All Girls Weekend is the story of a group of friends who went to school together but sort of grew apart as they got older. They decide to get together for a weekend getaway […]