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[Review] Blood Feast (Groovy Gory Gruesome Gold, 1963) – by Paul Cardullo

Paul Cardullo returns with another edition of Groovy Gory Gruesome Gold with a killer Blu-ray release from Arrow Film, the iconic and legendary splatterfest Blood Feast (1963) from the Godfather of Gore, Herschell  Gordon Lewis. Paul shares his love for this film and this edition. The film holds up surprisingly well…for what it is and […]

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“Terror Toons 3” (2016): Cinema Factory Inc. presents a shocking, gore filled epic

Coming August 26, 2016 from Cinema Factory Inc. and director Joe Castro is the horror feature Terror Toon 3.  The film features the legendary godfather of gore Herschell Gordon Lewis as the narrator of a wild and wicked versions of Three Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood. The film features Beverly Lynne and Lizzy Bordon […]