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[Review] Devil Woman: Australian Horror Short Combines Terror with Endangered Wildlife Message

Writer/director Heidi Lee Douglas blends virus horror with an ecological message in her latest Australian short film, Devil Woman. The result is an engaging effort that both educates and entertains. Eddy (Marigold Pazar) is a university science student helping fellow ecology researchers Possum (Leith Alexander) and Alice (Flame Kimball) find proof that endangered Tasmanian devils […]

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Australian Gothic Thriller Short “Little Lamb” Launches Online

Right in time for Halloween, writer/director/editor Heidi Lee Douglas’ Australian gothic thriller short Little Lamb has just been launched via Omeleto, the home of award winning shorts. You can watch it here! I reviewed Little Lamb for Gruesome Magazine‘s Super Scary Shorts Saturday during the film’s festival run, giving it the highest possible rating of five […]

Gruesome Reviews Super Scary Shorts Saturday

“Little Lamb” (2014): A Different Kind of Devil Preys on Women Prisoners in Historical Tasmania

Australian short film Little Lamb is a gothic thriller that takes place in a world that is bleak, both in the landscapes in which its protagonist Louisa is trapped and in her chances of improving her life – or even continuing it beyond her young age. Writer/director/editor Heidi Lee Douglas’s film is set in 1829 […]