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[Trailer] The School Mascot Has It Out For The ‘STUDENT BODY’

Coming our way from 1091 Pictures, STUDENT BODY is a horror thriller from Writer/Director Lee Ann Kurr. The film stars Christian Camargo, Montse Hernandez, Cheyenne Haynes, Harley Quinn Smith, Austin Zajur, & Anthony Keyvan and will be hitting the digital market on Feb. 8th. Trailer time! In case the trailer didn’t lay the storyline down for you – […]

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“Holidays” (2016) – Mixed Bag of Varying Seasonal Stocking Stuffers & Treats

Holidays and horror films have gone hand in  hand for ages. Pretty much every holiday has a horror film related to it. Valentine’s Day has  My Bloody Valentine,  St. Patrick’s Day has the  Leprechaun  franchise and Halloween & Christmas have too many to count, though the highlights are obvious…  Halloween: Resurrection  &  P2, respectively. Some […]