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“White Drift” (2016): Drifting Stranger Searches for Answers in Character-Driven Horror Short

Bonfire Films, the Maine-based production company responsible for such winning horror shorts as Tickle (2014, reviewed here) and an adaptation of Stephen King’s Suffer the Little Children (2015, reviewed here), is back with another solid effort, White Drift (2016). From the husband and wife filmmaking team of Corey and Haley Norman, this short follows the […]

Gruesome Reviews

“Tickle” (2014): Retro Babysitter-in-Peril Short Film Delivers the Bedtime Shudders

Director Corey Norman and his screenwriter wife Haley Norman have crafted a nifty throwback to 1980s horror in their short film Tickle (2014).  It’s Halloween season, and Trudy (Casey Turner) is babysitting 7-year-old Charlie (Andrew Lyndaker), who, naturally, would rather stay up past his  bedtime and watch scary movies with Trudy than go to sleep. […]