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[Podcast] Jungle — Zombiology Enjoy Yourself Tonight — Defective — Butcher the Bakers — Episode 7 — Gruesome Magazine

This week the Grue-Crew face  getting lost in the Jungle, avoid being attacked by a zombie chicken, muster the courage to not be Defective, and join a band of zany idiots in offing a rogue angel of death. First up is the feature  Butcher the  Bakers  from director Tyler Amm. “They Were Supposed To Be […]

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“[Podcast] — The Belko Experiment (2017) — Episode 207 — Horror News Radio

James Gunn (Slither, Guardians of the Galaxy) returns to the horror genre as the screenwriter and producer of THE BELKO EXPERIMENT. Remember, the popular Marvel director once wrote the screenplays for the Scooby Doo films and Zack Snyder’s remake of Dawn of the Dead. With The Belko Experiment from director Greg McLean (Wolf Creek, Rogue), […]

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“The Belko Experiment” (2017): Effective, Gory, and Satisfyingly Gruesome

Before they even walk in the door and the credits for The Belko Experiment can roll, the employees of Belko Industries know it’s not going to be a normal workday at their remote Colombian headquarters. Not only are there heavily armed guards checking every car entering the parking lot for explosives and contraband, but more […]

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[Trailer] “The Belko Experiment” (2017): James Gunn Pens a Battle Royale for the Trump Era

Many casual horror fans or super hero fans may not realize that director James Gunn, the genius behind Guardians of the Galaxy, is also an accomplished horror writer and director. He is responsible for screenplays for the Dawn of the Dead (2004) remake and the Scooby-Doo films (Scooby-Doo in 2002 and Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed […]

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Wolf Creek (PopTV 2016): A 6 Episode Mini-Series That Should Not Be Missed

The TV mini-series of Wolf Creek which premieres on PopTV on October 14, 2016 is a tremendous success. Greg McLean, serving as producer and directing the final episode, translates the films into a riveting and thrilling six episodes. John Jarratt reprises his role as Mick Taylor, the serial killer roaming the outback. Lucy Fry stars […]