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[Podcast] Tau – It Lives Inside – Dead Love – Episode 34 – Gruesome Magazine

This week, the Grue-Crew tussle with a sluggish but piss-off demon, brave a sinister love triangle and muster the courage to out-smart an advanced A.I. First up is the possession film It Lives Inside from directorJeff Hall, featuring Rett Terrell struggling with a demon looking to consume his life. The second film, Dead Love from directors Colin […]

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[Podcast] Hannibal (2001) – Bonus Episode 1 – Hannibal Fan Podcast

“Now you’re being rude, and I hate rude people.” Surprise, Fannibals! The Hannibal Fan Podcast has been mostly dormant since the series Hannibal ended in 2015. The Grue Crew hasn’t been totally silent about the titular cannibal in some form or another. After doing Manhunter on the Decades of Horror 1980s podcast and Silence of the Lambs on the 90s, we […]

The Space Between Us
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“The Space Between Us” (2017): Fluffy Trifle of a Teen Romance Masquerading as Science Fiction

Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land (1961) is the tale of the first human raised on Mars who returns to Earth, is puzzled by it, and ultimately affects societal change; it is a cultural touchstone and a seminal piece of science fiction. The Space Between Us (2017) is the tale of the first human […]